The ‘Ondium Péchadre’ H. Péchadre. France, 1930

The Ondium played by
The Ondium played by the Pianist Gaston Wiener. (‘L’Ouest Eclair’ 1931)

The Ondium Péchadre was developed in France by H.C.R.Péchadre in 1930. The instrument was a monophonic heterodyning vacuum tube oscillator based instrument built into a light and portable heart shaped box, in performance the base of the instrument rested on the players knees and the instrument was supported against a table. The six octave range of the instrument was controlled by moving a pointer around a circular calibrated dial while the left hand controlled the volume of the sound with a velocity sensitive push button device. The attack and timbre of the sound wave could be altered to give a more staccato effect or softened to give a more string like sound.

The indium described in 'Le Menestrel' in 1933
The Ondium as described in ‘Le Menestrel’ in 1933


‘Le Ménestrel’ Paris 1933.

‘L’Ouest Eclair’ Rennes. 29/10/1931 number 12775.

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