The Lipp Pianoline Lipp, Germany, 1950

The Lipp Pianoline
The Lipp Pianoline

The Lipp Pianoline was a monophonic vacuum tube based keyboard instrument designed as an add-on for piano players. The Pianoline was part of a family of portable piano-attachment instruments popular in the 1950’s such as the Ondioline, Clavioline and Univox – the Pianoline being distinguished by it’s larger sized keys.



One thought on “The Lipp Pianoline Lipp, Germany, 1950”

  1. I have one of these and it makes some great sounds. Much better than my clavioline. When set properly there is deep and heavy bass on the lower keys. I like that each key is individually tuneable with a potentiometer but wish it were poly and not monophonic. Still would never sell it. Payed roughly $300 for mine 20 years ago.

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